Come and enjoy Anguilla’s tranquility! 
Anguilla is known for its beautiful, white sandy beaches. James Place is located in Mount Fortune, on the East End of Anguilla.  It is between the historical village of  East End and the fishing village of Island Harbor.  The nearest beach is Junks Hole. ( within 1 mile). 
This is a new building with modern amenities in a quiet location.  With Anguilla being 16 miles at its longest points and 3 ½ miles wide at it widest points, you are close to everything that the Island has to offer. You have the flexibility of choosing your daily activity: beach of choice for that day; golfing; day trip to neighboring St. Martin/St. Maarten; sailing; snorkeling.....
For your convenience, we have compiled this resource section. Please refer to the links below.  They will aide in your move and information regarding the area statistics, restaurants, schools, churches and shopping.

Tourism Data is also available at the Government of Anguilla’s website: 
My great grand mother's house in Mount Fortune.
Grand Father: James Hodge